Our Community Supports program offers services to individuals with disabilities in order to promote independence and integration into their respective communities. 


The focus of these services is to allow individuals to remain living in the least restrictive environment while allowing them to remain actively involved in their communities.

 Supports may be requested to assist with the following activities:


  • Household Maintenance - cleaning, laundry, developing grocery lists, shopping, budgeting, meal preparation and providing education about nutritional values.

  • Transportation Training - Staff can assist individuals in learning how to use the public transit system.

  • Relationship Building - staff can support individuals in developing lifelong friendships with people of all backgrounds that share their common interests.

  • Community Inclusion - Individuals are not always certain what their interests are or what types of options they may have. Our staff are knowledgeable of community activities available. They are trained to support people in discovering and pursuing their interests.


CESCC can also provide respite to families and caregivers who are in need of short term relief from everyday responsibilities of caring for individuals with a disability. 


We have a highly experienced and qualified staff along with a fleet of 20 vehicles available to provide door to door transportation throughout St. Clair County.


To learn more about Community Supports or to inquire about services contact us at 810-982-3261.