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Our River District Program is funded primarily by Community Mental Health. The program offers sensory integration therapies, movement opportunities and personal care assistance to persons with severe disabilities to help them participate fully in a variety of social, community and work activities. This site is located in Marine City. Our River District program offers a variety of services to individuals living in the downriver area.


Our program is open Monday through Friday 9am-3:30pm and offers the following services:


Enriching Community Life - Our ECL program provides a variety of activities and/or classes each week that are held within the down river community. These activities/classes are developed with input from individuals, families, guardians, staff and community. 


Life Based Program - This is a service for individuals who may work in the community currently or are in the process of finding a community job.  This program occurs in the evening or on the weekend, giving people additional options to participate with their friends. These activities require addition money for the scheduled outing as they may include, dinner, shopping, movies, concerts, plays, etc. This program has a monthly calendar that is distributed to individuals who are authorized for the service.


Sensory Programs - Vestibular, Proprioceptive and Tactile therapies are offered to individuals who may have difficulty focusing on tasks and/or tolerating an environment that is noisy, bright or has a lot of activity.


MOVE Program - (Mobility Opportunities Via Experiences). Gait trainers, adapted chairs and standers are used to provide opportunities for individuals to get out of their wheelchairs and stand, stretch, weight bear and walk and/or sit with friends who are not wheelchair users. 


Personal Care Services - Staff provide personal care assistance to persons who are unable to complete self-care independently.


Community Employment and Work Activity - We offer some work within our building in the areas of janitorial services and program aides.   However, our focus is on Community Employment.  Community Enterprise’s job recruiters will work with individuals who would like employment.

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