Community Enterprises Work Activity Program operates as an industrial work site for persons with significant developmental disability who do not desire immediately to enter the community workforce.  Staff supervision and training are funded by Community Mental Health through its Skill Building Assistance service.

Work Activity and Skill Building Program is set up to help individuals gain some work experiences to help prepare them for future community employment.


Work Activity - Community Enterprises holds contracts with Source America to provide paid work in our Secure Document Destruction operation and also our Plastic Injection Mold operation. We also offer work in the areas of assembly, seasonal yard work, janitorial, food service and program aides. All of our work is paid at the prevailing wage which is minimum wage or higher. Paychecks are deposited on a bi-weekly basis. These positions are limited based on the needs of the businesses.


Weekly Skill Building Lessons - All of our consumer employees take part in a weekly skill building lesson in which our support staff offers lessons on the soft skills that are necessary to maintain employment in the community. The groups discuss things such as workplace hygiene, problem solving, getting along with coworkers, resumes etc.

Community Skill Building For individuals who are interested in community employment we offer training at several community based sites to give individuals experiences in different work environments. Individuals go to their schedules sites with one or two other trainees along with a job coach to better prepare them for future employment.


Along with these services, our Skill Building Coordinator will assist individuals interested in Community employment in linking with our Community Employment Program and Michigan Rehabilitation Services. We can help support people through this process by gathering paperwork, following up with MRS counselors and assisting with transportation to and from meetings.  


To learn more about our Employment Program or to inquire about services contact us at 810-982-3261.