Lifeskills is funded primarily by Community Mental Health, offers sensory integration therapies, movement opportunities and personal care assistance to persons with severe disabilities to help them participate fully in a variety of social, community and work activities.

Participants in Lifeskills are able to build their day around their abilities, wants and needs. Community activities are offered twice a day to offer a wide variety of options. In-house activities, including work activity, are also offered for those who have more severe health or sensory issues and cannot tolerate a full day in the community.

Our program is offered Monday through Friday from 9am-3:30pm.


Sensory Programs - Vestibular, Proprioceptive and Tactile therapies are offered to individuals who may have difficulty focusing on tasks and/or tolerating an environment that is noisy, bright or has a lot of activity.


MOVE Program - (Mobility Opportunities Via Experiences). Gait trainers, adapted chairs and standers are used to provide opportunities for individuals to get out of their wheelchairs and stand, stretch, weight bear and walk and/or sit with friends who are not wheelchair users. 


Personal Care Services - Staff provide personal care assistance to persons who are unable to complete self-care independently.


Community Activities are also offered on a daily basis.


We have a highly experienced and qualified staff along with a fleet of 20 vehicles available to provide services throughout St. Clair County. Bluewater Area Transit offers door to door service from home to program on a daily basis.


Generally there are no “out of pocket” costs for you or your family if you are referred to us by Community Mental Health and qualify for Medicaid Services. If you are not eligible for Medicaid services we do accept private payments.


To learn more about our Lifeskills Program or to inquire about services contact us at 810-982-3261.